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Digital Imaging Integrated With Practice Management Software in Baldwin Park, CA

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Digital Imaging Systems

    Behavioral scientists have long informed us that as much as 75 percent of all human learning is visual. If patients cannot see the problem, they will be less inclined to accept the solution. Fortunately, the converse is also true - patients who are effectively educated and understand their treatment needs are far more likely to accept the treatment you recommend.

    In today's competitive marketplace, providing innovative and up-to-date patient care can mean the difference between being a leader or a follower in your community. Use of digital imaging products, including portable/handheld, desktop, panoramic and intraoral camera solutions will provide several advantages for your practice. Whether you are interested in updating your office with new technology, saving money, or providing better clinical care for your patients, Hitec-Med can help meet all your needs. Located In 
Baldwin Park, Ca.

    Digital imaging solutions deliver industry-leading quality that empower dentists to provide a higher level of care for their patients while improving the bottom line for their practice.

    As an independent integrator in Baldwin Park, Hitec-Med can recommend and implement leading software and hardware packages designed to streamline the workflow of your office, along with the services and support you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

    As a dental systems integrator in Southern California, we work with many of the leading dental hardware and software providers to offer dental practitioners the best possible solution for streamlining and enhancing their work. We are experienced with the companies that provide dynamic products for dental practices.

Technology Drives Treatment

    Treatment recommendations in virtually every dental office depend on the available technology. If your current technology involves teeth being x-rayed with a piece of film, you are using obsolete technology. With digital imaging systems, images come up on a computer screen seconds after a device is inserted into a patient's mouth.

    Digital images provide much higher resolution than film and are stored in the computer's memory where they can be easily retrieved, combined, and manipulated to supply more information. 
The cutting-edge digital imaging products and services we offer enable us to integrate comprehensive solutions into your everyday office routine.

The NUC Dental PC is just 4"x4"x2" and packed with the latest technology and features

At Hitec-Med, we understand the demand for business-class computing devices are always changing. We are pleased to introduce the Nobilis® NUC, a glimpse of what lies ahead for mini desktop computing.

    This compact design features 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor, Intel HD 4000 graphics and supports a variety of design applications, making it possible to power everything from digital signage to portable kiosks.

    Despite fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, the NUC sports impressive computing performance. In addition to supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 memory, the multicore processor and graphics provide easy navigation between applications and simplifies multitasking with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. Other features include:
  • Dual HDMI connectors support up to two digital displays with digital audio
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting various peripheral devices
  • Supports Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system
    Intel technology combined with Hitec-Med's build-to-order flexibility ensures the NUC can be customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of your customers. We take our computing devices seriously and back our products with great service, support and price.

Benefits of Digital Imaging

  • Saves Time & Money - Since digital radiography takes less time to produce an image than an x-ray, productivity and efficiency is increased.
  • Greater Accuracy - Gives you the high-definition images you need to make very accurate diagnoses quickly and confidently.
  • Safe - Patients are exposed to one tenth the x-ray dosage typically delivered today.
  • Image Bank - High resolution images are stored in computer memory where they can be retrieved, combined, and manipulated.
  • Share Images - Communicate with patients, colleagues, and third party payers faster and easier.
  • Added Value - Working with the latest dental technology provides added value to your practice.

Telecommunications Solutions For Your Practice

  • Design/Install Phone Systems (PBX's)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice, Data & Internet connectivity via T1, T3, DSL, ISDN and Dial-up
  • Voice Over IP
  • Wireless
    In today's busy world, reliable communication adds value to your practice. Hitec-Med delivers comprehensive voice and data solutions for today's dental practices by combining superior products with professional design and service.

    Hitec-Med provides business connectivity (T1, T3, DSL, ISDN, Dial-Up) to Baldwin Park,
 through its affiliations with long distance and local carriers including Verizon, Broadview Networks, Qwest, Cavalier, PAETEC, and Comcast.

    The integration of voice telephony services into the data network has the potential to deliver information more cost effectively and broadly than today's multi-network approach. By marrying telephony and data infrastructures, all corporate, municipal and dental organizations' networks will be easier to use, manage, and expand.

Benefits of IP telephone systems include:

  • Long distance savings
  • Reduced capital costs
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Ease of implementing new applications
  • Combined voice/data connectivity
  • Access to new technology in broadband WAN options.


  • Panasonic Super Hybrix PBX phone systems offer the latest digital technology and have some very unique money saving features.
  • The KX-T7400 telephone set has an eXtra Device Port, (XDP). These ports allow you to connect an analog device, such as a cordless phone, a fax machine, a computer modem, a credit card/debit card reader, etc., to the telephone saving station ports and eliminating analog adapters.
  • Computer Telephony Integration: allows the phone system to link to a Local Area Network (LAN) for unprecedented call management capability. Now computer files with background and important information can be automatically displayed to sales agents, service departments, doctor’s assistants, etc., when a customer calls.
  • Caller ID: Compatibility allows you to see the caller’s name and phone number displayed on your Panasonic system display phone.
  • Call Forwarding Versatility: automatically transfers calls to your mailbox, another extension or anywhere in the world. It can be programmed to call a pager or cell phone, so you can be contacted anywhere, anytime 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Telephone System Advantages:

  • Automated Attendant
  • Interoffice Intercom Dialing
  • Interoffice Paging
  • Voicemail System
  • Emergency Notification Features
  • Wireless Phones

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