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Helping dental offices utilize technology to enhance their Practice.

Computer Systems-

    Integrating technology into a dental environment takes a special skill set from a technology firm. Computer technology in a dental environment can be a mixed blessing. Many doctors will swear by the benefits that an intraoral camera or digital x-ray system brings to their practice. Others have it sitting on a cart in the back corner of their office, a wasted expense.

One word - design. If your digital x-ray is based on a single cart system, or a laptop that only one person can use, then staff acceptance of such technology plunges. The idea is to have technology that is readily accessible, and that doesn't require you to modify your office workflow to have it. Design your technology with your workflow and ease of use in mind - and you will maximize the dollar value of your technology investment. 

We're the experts. In addition to being certified by Dentrix Dental Systems, Microsoft, and others, our sales and implementations staff pay careful attention to the details of your office. Each system is custom designed for the specific workflow and environment that you have. Computers in dentistry is not a "one size fits all" application. At Advantage Technologies, we understand that.

Quality is #1. Hitec-Med uses only the best of everything in our systems. Dell servers and workstations, Nortel phone systems, Cisco networking equipment, HP printers, and all of the latest technology, all backed with superior warranties and technical support.

A long term partner
. Here today, gone tomorrow. An all-to-common reality in technology integration companies. Hitec-Med has been installing computer systems for dental offices for over 10 years. We will be here to service your system for years to come.

Ergonomic Design

will work with you to design and purchase custom mounts for each portion of each area of your office. 
With an adjustable arm holding a monitor or a patient can clearly see visuals regarding treatment presentation from their typical in operatory positions. The patient no longer has to be moved to see the screen because the screen can be moved to where the patient can see it.

Total Backup Solutions

Loosing patient data, financial, or clinical information can be devastating to a practice. What would happen if you lost that data? Could you recreate it? Even if you could recreate it, how much time would this process take? How well is your practice data protected? Are you using tapes and USB hard drives? Are you absolutely sure that your data is being backed up?

Consider the advantages of a total backup solution:
  1. Knowing for sure that your data is backed up
  2. Automatic backups, automatic reporting, and monitoring by us as part of your support plan
  3. The ability to restore all of your data to any PC, anywhere, with just an internet connection
  4. Never have to purchase new tapes or hard drives
  5. Never have to remember to carry tapes or drives off-site at night
  6. DRAMATICALLY reduce costs as compared to other backup solutions
  7. No storage cap – we can accommodate as much information as you need to store
  8. Service and support from an industry leader

Total Backup Solutions from Hitec-Med – Be Absolutely Sure!

Working with you, we can help with:
  • Consulting for computer network hardware
  • Technical support for your computer system (new or existing)
  • Ergonomic mounts and custom layouts designed around your office
  • Remote backup services
  • Telephone and office sound systems
  • Patient education systems, office communication systems, and shared secure e-mail systems
  • Consulting for practice management and digital imaging solutions

Consider the advantages:

  • We will make it work. Pick your practice management, pick your digital, we'll help you through the process. Whatever you decide is best for your practice, we'll design a computer system to support it.
  • Premier design and installation services. When we put together a computer network for you, we have one goal, and one promise – you will be thrilled with the way things come out. When you work with Hitec-Med, you're working with the best.
  • Knowledgeable support people – on the phones every day. They know your practice management, imaging systems, and network setup. Don't pay for someone else’s learning curve.
  • Flexible installation solutions. We don't expect you to close your practice to install new computers. We'll work with you to install after hours and at night, to make it work for you.
  • Dedicated to healthcare. Hitec-Med specializes specifically in the healthcare industry. We don’t work with coffee shops, restaurants, stores, or anyone else. We know the technology that you use. We're certified by industry leaders such as PracticeWorks, SoftDent, Dentrix, CAESY, and others.

 HITEC-MED is the dental technology division of INNOVA Global Technology. InnovaGlobal is a twenty year old national technology development company which is privately held and headquartered in Santa Ana, California .

    HITEC-MED senior management consists of a team of dentists, information technologies, electrical and computer engineers with an extensive knowledge of dental practice, digital dentistry, technology, business and management services.

    Our clients commonly refer to us as member of their staff and as a complete one-stop solutions provider. We have provided dental office technology systems, its integration services and installation to some of the most technologically advanced dental facilities in the United States. A revolutionary new approach to the integration of high-tech equipment in the dental facility has evolved and is available as part of our service.

HITEC-MED’s main goal is to do all that it takes to make sure our clients grow and prosper . YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!

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