Dental office Email, HIPAA and its impact on your operation and bank account

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We ( dental practitioner) have all become accustomed to communicating by way of email. 

Paper and stamps are  out of style now , perhaps leaving us forever. It has been common for us as dentists to electronically transmit information and radiographic and X-ray  images to one another about our patients so that we can effectively and quickly stay up to date about their care. And as far as we can see , patients seem to really appreciate that discourse. They understand that it benefits their care. 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) establishes national standards for the protection of certain health information. The Security Rule for the protection of Electronic Protected Health Information (e-PHI) establishes a national set of standards for protecting certain health information that is held or transferred in electronic form.

The Security Rule addresses the technical and non-technical safeguards that we, as healthcare providers, must put in place to secure individuals’ “electronic protected health information”. Within the department of Health and Human Services, two divisions, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) have responsibility for enforcing voluntary compliance activities and can impose civil money penalties. 

HIPPA regulations do not expressly prohibit the use of email for sending patient information.
However, the standards do require us to implement policies and procedures to restrict access to, protect the integrity of, and guard against the unauthorized access to electronic PHI sent and received in email communication. 

In 2010, the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules were amended. One of the most remarkable modifications was in the sanctions that could be leveled against us for a breach of patient information for a violation of patients’ rights under HIPAA. When HIPAA was first enacted, the maximum penalty for a HIPAA violation was $250,000. Now, the maximum penalty is $1.5 million. Fines as well as criminal penalties can be imposed on the individuals involved. 

There are 4 levels  of civil penalties: 

Level 1 The dentist was not aware that HIPAA compliant email was necessary. In this situation, HHS may give you a warning or fine you $100 per email that contains PHI or a maximum of $25,000 per year. At its discretion, it may increase the maximum fine up to $50,000 per year. It's typically a slap on the hand and you will most likely not be charged with criminal penalties. 

Level 2 If you are aware that you need HIPAA compliant email, but yet you still continue to use non-compliant email to send PHI, HHS will fine you $1,000 per email containing PHI or a maximum of $10,000 per year and may refer your case to the Department of Justice (DOJ) where they can press charges against you for wrongful disclosure of individual identifiable health information. In addition to civil penalties, DOJ may fine you up to $50,000 and up to 1 year in prison. 

Level 3 If you use a HIPAA compliant email service but you do not follow its policies and best practice procedures, this is considered willful neglect. This means that you understand what you are supposed to do per the instructions of the compliant email service provider, but yet you choose not to do it. An example of this would be forwarding emails to a non-compliant email service or vice versa, or refusal to use supported email software or devices to make your email communications secure and compliant. HHS will fine you $10,000 per email containing PHI or a maximum of $100,000 per year only if you are willing to correct your situation and may refer your case to the Department of Justice (DOJ) where they can press charges against you for wrongful disclosure of individual identifiable health information. In addition to civil penalties, DOJ may fine you up to $100,000 and up to 5 years in prison. 

Level 4 Identical to tier 3 except you refuse to correct your situation even after being warned by HHS. This is the most severe case where you are willfully neglecting HIPAA compliant requirements. HHS will fine you $50,000 per email containing PHI or a maximum of $1.5 million per year and may refer your case to the Department of Justice (DOJ) where they can press charges against you for wrongful disclosure of individual identifiable health information. In addition to civil penalties, DOJ may fine you up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison. These are not empty threats. The Department of HHS recently (April 17, 2012) levied a hefty fine against an Arizona group of physicians to purposely send a message to small healthcare provider practices. The cardiac surgeons had to enter into a resolution agreement to take corrective action and pay a $100,000 fine. Leon Rodriguez, director of the HHS Office of Civil Rights stated that, “We hope that health care providers pay careful attention to this resolution agreement and understand that the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules have been in place for many years, and OCR expects full compliance no matter the size of a covered entity.” Have I gotten your attention yet?

What is the financial impact of HIPAA violations

Violation  Penalty 
 Individual unaware of violation  Up to $50,000 per violation, up 
 Violation per reasonable cause, not willful neglect  Up to $50,000 per violation, up to $1.5 million total per year 
 Violation due to neglect, but corrected within allowed timeframe  Up to $50,000 per violation, up to $1.5 million total per year 
 Violation due to neglect, left uncorrected  $50,000 per violation, up to $1.5 million total per year 

 There are several suggestions that I can offer to aid you in becoming a HIPAA compliant dentist: 

Secure Your Email and attachment

Consult  with Registered and approved HIPAA Email and cloud provider or re seller. make sure you approve proper HIPAA compliance document.    

Secure Your Network

If the computers in your office are networked, make certain the you have a firewall in place to exclude cyber hackers and others who may be able to intercept email exchanges. You should also have virus protection against viruses that can download information.

Accurate Email Addressing 

When sending an email it is imperative to make sure the address is accurate for the recipient. This will reduce the chance of accidentally sending an email with patient information to an unintended recipient, thereby causing a HIPAA violation. This is a “no brainer”.

Email Notices 

These are messages at the bottom of the email that explain that the information in the email is private and confidential. Notices inform recipients that they should not forward or share the information with people who are not privileged to have it, according to HIPAA regulations. Additionally, email notices let recipients know that if they are not the intended recipient, and the email came to them accidentally, that they should notify the sender immediately. The message that I send with each email is: 

“This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient (or have received this e-mail in error) please notify the sender immediately and destroy this e-mail. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.” 

You should  also include a heading preceding notes regarding healthcare communications stating “Confidential Patient-Related Information” 

Fulfill this HIPAA condition, I have started using a service which encrypts my uploaded email messages prior to sending them on to the recipient. In addition, the receiving party is required to insert a password (which I give out in advance) before opening the downloaded message

In summary, while this brief article is not intended to cover the totality of the HIPAA laws, it is hoped that it gets you on the right path to avoid civil or criminal penalties. 

We have all rightfully become somewhat dependent on email to converse regarding patient care. It is the future of healthcare communication. This is a good thing and, as I tell patients, it puts all of us contributing to a patient’s care on the same page. 

With a small bit of interception action on our parts we can hopefully continue to do good for those healthcare recipients while avoiding having our wallets depleted by HHS. 

Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Website Designs

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 Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Website Designs

Hitec-med dental acknowledges the Internet as the most highly effective interaction device of our time.  We have the skills and sources to get your online business effectively, gaining and providing clients.

Professional Practice Website Development

Create a dynamic online presence that drives qualified, potential patients to your site.  Our developers create turnkey web solutions that promote your practice and its specializations on the web. 

Basic Pages Include:

·       Home – welcome page

·       Meet the Doctor – Dr. Bio   city of  Los Angeles

·       Office location / Contact Us – Contact page with address and map link

·       Office Policies – links to PDF documents outlining office policies

·       First Visit – intro and link to forms

·       Appointment request – form

·      Services & Treatments Offered

·      Common Problems

·      Emergency Info

·      Brushing and Flossing

·      Testimonials

·      Meet the staff

·      Patient experience

·      Adult treatment

·      Pediatric treatment

·      Braces - what do I need to know?


·      Cosmetic Dentistry

·      Laser procedures

·      Before your appointment

·      Payment and insurance info

·      Financing options

·      Links

·      FAQ

·      Why Choose Us

·      Associations, Memberships & Certification


Premium Customized Pages:

·       Video  Office tours

·       Promotions

·       Photos Before and After

·      Media city of   Los Angeles

Hitec-med dental web designers can re-develop or enhance your existing site to improve its effectiveness and functionality. Through site analytics, content management and search engine optimization our engineers and developers will improve your website's traffic significantly and cost effectively.

Custom Web Design Services

·       Logo Designs city of  Los Angeles

·       Website Designs city of  Los Angeles

·       Online Marketing city of   Los Angeles

·       Online Customer Interaction

·       Search Engine Optimization city of   Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry computer Maintenance & Monthly Service Plans

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry  computer  Maintenance & Monthly Service Plans  

Hitec-med dental ’s per month service plans are developed to offer our customers Assistance and Services at cost-effective rates AND now offer our state of the art, Efficient Management System, which will increase your performance and benefits through eliminating tranquility.
The Efficient Management System will immediately notice and evaluation many pre-failure circumstances based upon the founded boundaries for your company and offer computerized realistic actions to enhance your health. It allows for Team Management of your body, enabling a process to be performed once to the entire network; therefore, generating ongoing work-flows.

Level 1 service and support Agreement

If your business wishes 100% security and cost management when it comes to its IT funds, the Stage 1 assistance and assistance Service Plan is your remedy. Hitec-med dental  is your specialized assistance Stage 1 assistance and assistance offering UNLIMITED REMOTE AND ONSITE SUPPORT, our ACTIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, the best reaction times on assistance passes and reduced by the hour prices. Moreover to your Stage 1 assistance and assistance assistance, your workplace will receive:


·         Comprehensive Monitoring of the Server

·         Anti-Virus Monitoring

·         Workstation and Network Monitoring

·         Local Backup Monitoring

·         Automated Remediation Protocol

·         Detailed Service Audit Trail

·         Automated Hardware and Software Inventory

·         Product Key Harvesting

·         Automatic Virus Remediation

·         Regular Proactive Service

·         Annual Review of Disaster Recovery Plan

·         Periodic Restore Test

·         Patch Management

Level 2 service and support 

Maybe your office is a common aspect and Limitless On place Assistance is a little much, but UNLIMITED REMOTE SUPPORT seems to be like the perfect technique. Well, Hitec-med dental  is listening to. The Major Assistance Plan provides UNLIMITED REMOTE SUPPORT, our ACTIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, decreased on an hourly basis costs and:
Level 3 service and support 

·         Comprehensive Monitoring of the Server

·         Anti-Virus Monitoring

·         Workstation and Network Monitoring

·         Local Backup Monitoring

·         Automated Remediation Protocol

·         Detailed Service Audit Trail

·         Automated Hardware and Software Inventory

·         Product Key Harvesting

·         Automatic Virus Remediation

·         Automatic Virus Remediation

Looking for an IT strategy that screens your system health and provides reduced solutions when needed? Hitec-med dental ’s Benefits Service Plan in city of  Los Angeles  has you protected. This strategy provides our ACTIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for the whole system along with two (2) hours of Distant assistance per month and reduced by the hour prices. Also, benefit from these extra solutions involved in this plan:


·         Comprehensive Monitoring of the Server

·         Anti-Virus Monitoring

·         Workstation and Network Monitoring

·         Local Backup Monitoring

·         Automated Remediation Protocol

·         Detailed Service Audit Trail

·         Automated Hardware and Software Inventory

·         Product Key Harvesting

·         Automatic Virus Remediation

·         Patch Management

Level 4 service and support 

Your organization is little and so are your IT needs. But, the confidence that you have an IT organization available when you need them is relaxing. Hitec-med dental  is developing certain you that we will be there for your IT needs. The Plus Assistance Technique provides two (2) period of Genuine practical portable remote control control control control support monthly, decreased hourly costs, plus these Web administrator web administrator web administrator web administrator web administrator web coordinator web host hosting server extras:


·         Comprehensive Monitoring of the Server

·         Anti-Virus Monitoring

·         Local Backup Monitoring

·         Automated Remediation Protocol

·         Detailed Service Audit Trail

·         Automated Hardware and Software Inventory

·         Product Key Harvesting

·         Automatic Virus Remediation

·          Server Patch Management

Anti-Virus software, Online Backup, Spam Filtering, Co-location and Webhosting are additional services offered by Hitec-med dental , a division of Innova Global technology  Setup fees may apply.

All plans are based on the number of computers in a single office. Offices with multiple locations require an individual service plan per office

<Onsite visits are billed a minimum 1.5 hours labor. Trip fees may apply.

Trip Fees: The Metro Atlanta area will be charged a minimum Trip Fee of $39. Outside the Metro Atlanta area, travel is billed at $65/hour.

Supported antivirus software for monitoring is AVG or ESET NOD32.

Automated Remediation Protocol is a corrective service that our monitoring software provides automatically. Examples of Automated Remediation are running Disk Cleanup when a drive shows low disk space or a Defragmentation when the drive is fragmented.

Patch Management is a review of all Window Updates prior to installation.Unlimited Remote and Onsite support are applicable towards equipment covered by the said agreement

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Services & Support

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Los Angeles  Dental and Dentistry  Services & Support

On-site Services
Your company depends on technological innovation. Our customers depend on Hitec-med dental for fast, professional alternatives. Hitec-med dental offers a wide range of on-site IT services to meet your company needs. Our highly trained, qualified field technical engineers provide professional, friendly on-site service at affordable rates. At Hitec-med dental we concentrate on your technological innovation, so you can concentrate on your company.

Network Support

·       Free On-site network evaluation

·       Network consulting

·       Network design

·       Server installation

·       Workstation installation and configuration

·       Network printing and scanning configuration

·       Server and workstation troubleshooting & repair

Network Security

·       Firewalls & Internet Gateways

·       Corporate Anti-virus

·       Spam filtering

·       Virus removal

·       Secure E-mail configuration

Server Installation

·       Microsoft 2003/2008

·       Microsoft Exchange Server

·       SQL Services integration

·       MS Exchange Server Hosting

·       Backup configuration

·       Data restoration

·       Emergency repair

Secure Remote Access

·       VPN – Virtual Private Network

·       Terminal Services

·       RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol

Cabling & Mounting Services

·       Voice & Data cabling

·       Fiber Optic cabling

·       Computer and monitor mount installation

·       Server Rack Installation

Real Time Live Help Desk Support

When you work with Hitec-med dental , you will work with a group of experienced, sensitive professionals and specialists who proper value the achievements of your business. We pay attention and we comprehend your issues and needs. As an Hitec-med dental customer, you are allocated an IT administrator who knows your system inside-out. We carefully papers your system settings – so when you contact us for help, we can answer easily to your needs.

Our help table service is a magic pill for your immediate computer issues. Distant access technological innovation and a team of devoted, regionally based help table technical engineers allow Hitec-med dental , a department of Innova International technological innovation  to reduce your recovery time, perform schedule servicing and up-dates and provide on the fly training in addition to comfort . For our customers, the Hitec-med dental help table answering services company is more than a break/fix remedy - it's a fundamental element of their IT technique.

What distinguishes our technical support help desk solution from the others?


·       By hiring knowledgeable, friendly people and providing regular training, we deliver a help desk experience that is second to none.

·       Remote access technology that allows us to log on to your network and workstations and fix your issues without the need of an on-site visit. We will identify the cause of your problem and show you how we resolved it, so you can be prepared if a similar issue arises.

·       An in-depth ticketing and CRM system that assures your problems are rapidly responded to and the impact of computer issues are minimized.

·      In our experience, 76% off all support calls are effectively resolved by the help desk engineers. That means you get your resolution faster and at a lower cost. If we can’t resolve your issue remotely, an engineer will be dispatched with the right parts and equipment to get you up and running – getting it right the first time.

Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Practice Construction & Expansion

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry  Practice Construction & Expansion

Whether your exercise is moving to a new location or growing an current office, Hitec-med dental design and execution experts can help you create a sleek conversion. We have years of encounter working with physicians and companies to create sure that every exercise has the easiest starting possible. Our development encounter provides us with a success of knowledge to anticipate and avoid potential concerns before they cost your exercise money.

The Hitec-med dental Difference

·       Networks designed specifically for clinical settings

·       Carefully managing projects to come in on time and on budget

·       Data and Voice cabling design and installation

·       State-of-the-art computer hardware

·       Aesthetically appealing cable management, mounting and installation

·       Guaranteed compatibility

·       On time project completion


·       Digital Imaging technology integration

·       Digital x-ray integration

·       Practice Management software integration

·       Data extraction for Practice Management Conversion

·       X-ray head, PAN/CEPH and 3D CT Scanner installation and integration

·       Patient Education and Relaxation integration

·       Patient Entertainment

·       HIPAA Compliance

New and Existing Infrastructure

·       Existing hardware evaluation

·       Upgrades to existing hardware

·       Voice & Data Cabling

·       Video and High Definition Cable-TV Cabling

·       Website design and updates publicizing practice enhancements

·       Security and access control systems

·      Surveillance systems

Hitec-med dental  has more than 15 years encounter in Healthcare, Vet and Dental IT solutions, assisting over 1400 methods throughout the Combined Declares. Our achievements is depending on one philosophy: to associate with our customers by keeping their pc system as if it were our own.

Ask us for Free 30-Day Trial!!!

Hitec-med dental  offers a free 30-Day test of our on the internet back-up assistance. Click here now to join and start getting the benefits from our safe, protected and simple on the internet back-up assistance.

Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Patient Education and Relaxation

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 Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Patient Education and Relaxation 

Hitec-med dental , a department of Innova Global technology  plans and sets up media movie networks designed to improve individual education and leisure. Installed TVs showing television or movies improve individual leisure and provide a irritation. Additionally, individual screens that display intraoral camera pictures, digital x-ray pictures and cosmetic image resolution demonstrations allow the affected person to imagine in details their current health needs, the suggested course of treatment and the expected result. Our clients tell us a advanced and interesting individual encounter produces more individual recommendations.

Hitec-med dental has the expertise to realize your perspective for your total individual care encounter, from electrical circuitry and increasing alternatives to software and components installation and settings. Our technical engineers and contractors have over 15 years' encounter in developing and applying movie alternatives specific to the display area and the unique requirements of the individual provider.

One patient monitor-multiple functions:

·       Intradental Imaging – A well informed patient is motivated to follow his doctor’s advice, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Intradental camera and x-ray sensor images, displayed conveniently for the patient, have been shown to dramatically increase production.

·       Patient Entertainment – Eliminate white coat syndrome. Patients can relax while enjoying TV, music or movies while waiting for their provider or undergoing extensive procedures. Once you are ready to discuss treatment, use your remote to display intradental images and treatment demonstrations.

·       Patient Education Software Integration – Hitec-med dental has extensive experience integrating patient education software systems from product lines developed by Caesy, Orasphere and other practice management software providers.

·      Cosmetic Imaging Software Integration – Increase treatment acceptance by allowing your patients to visualize the transformation that is possible in their appearance. You can rely on Hitec-med dental engineers to fully integrate your imaging software with your practice management software and aesthetically mount USB hubs and camera docking stations in convenient locations.

Recommended Configuration-Advantages to the Dual Monitor Operatory:

While a single observe placed in a ideal location between the company and individual can achieve the affected person education and learning and leisure goals for your sufferers, the double observe settings (an added company observe in the 12:00 position) has significant benefits.

·       Privacy for provider records and notes

·       Improved HIPAA compliance

·       Improved patient comfort

·       Improved ergonomic display and input placement for providers

·      Improved productivity

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Sedation Dentistry Surveillance

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 Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry  Sedation Dentistry Surveillance

Digital videos during sleep Dental care monitoring provides improved protection for you and comfort for your sufferers. DVR allows the provider to observe all techniques from beginning to end and store them consistently. The same program can also be used to provide additional protection and monitoring by monitoring. Through this specific monitoring program you may observe gates and leaves for visitors and workers or staff  (including time stamps); history techniques for later evaluation and training; as well as history activity around vehicle lots and exterior resources. All our systems are accessible over the Internet for certified users so you can evaluation sessions or  keep an eye on things from a distant location.


·       Patient/ Procedure Monitoring

·       View waiting room from operatory

·       Create training videos

·       Lower Insurance Premiums

·       Improve Patient and Employee Safety

·       Asset Protection

·       Peace of Mind

Components include:

·       Discreet Fixed Dome Cameras

·       Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras

·       IP and closed circuit camera options

·       Outdoor Cameras

·       Low light, hidden, and specialty cameras

·       DVR Systems

·       24 hour and motion activated recording options

·       Remote access to recordings and live video


·       Surveillance System Design

·       Professional Installation

·       DVR Custom Configuration

·      Remote and On-site Monitoring configuration

Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Digital X-Ray Integration

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 Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry  Digital X-Ray Integration

Hitec-med dental , a department of Innova International technology  focuses on electronic dental x-ray incorporation. Whether you decided a solution developed specifically for your practice store or select a product from an exterior electronic x-ray solutions company, we have the skills to include your document image resolution effortlessly.

·       Intradental Imaging – we have over 15 years' experience integrating digital dental x-ray sensors with all major practice management software solutions. Please see the list below for a sample of our supported technologies.

·       Extradental Imaging – Hitec-med dental engineers are trusted throughout the Southern California   to install, integrate and maintain Panoramic and Cephalometric digital x-ray imaging units.

·       3-Dimensional Imaging – cone-beam technology. Hitec-med dental engineers are members of a select group of certified installers for the Kodak Iluma and 9000 3-D product lines.

·       Shielding Plans – Rely on Hitec-med dental to prepare accurate x-ray shielding plans for submission to your state’s regulatory agency.

·      Acquisition PCs – Hitec-med dental provides computers specifically designed for digital image acquisition. Contact us to learn more about the systems developed specifically for your digital x-ray imaging technology.


Experience the Benefits of Digital X-ray Technology

Software enhancements built in to most dental x-ray technologies provide greater diagnostic possibilities than standard film x-rays.

·       Caries detection

·       Contrasts

·       Brightness

·       Highlight effects

·       Full Screen display

·      3-Dimensional Imaging

Dental x-ray technology integrated with your practice management software provides savings in every area of your practice. After the initial purchase (which is usually deductible under Section 179) you will see the time and cost savings soar.

·       Digital X-ray Images - No more film or developer

·       Faster image development

·       Faster turnaround on insurance claims

·       Improved workflow - x-rays are easily shared with staff and colleagues

·       Images are attached to the patient’s record

·       No need for bulky, hard copy x-ray storage

·       Postage savings

·      Regain office space from your former darkroom

We focus on your technology, so you can focus on your patients.

Supported Digital Dental X-ray and Imaging


·       Kodak Dental Imaging (certified Kodak NSP)

·       Dexis

·       Dentrix Imaging

·       Dimaxsis / Planmeca

·       Gendex

·       Henry Schein / i-CAT cone beam 3-D

·       Instrumentarium

·       Sirona / Sidexis / Galileos 3-D

·       Schick

·      ScanX /Vipersoft

Contact Hitec-med Dental Office Technology 

Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Practice Management Integration

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry  Practice Management Integration

Dental Practice Management Software Integration

When you work with Hitec-med dental  you are working with a team of experienced and sensitive professionals and technical engineers that care about your exercise.  We have over 15 years' experience developing exercise store, digital x-ray and image resolution techniques, as well as individual knowledge, leisure and remember techniques.

·       Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Dental Practice Management Software Integration (PM)

·       Practice Management e-claims configuration

·       HIPAA Compliance Standards for 2014

·       Practice Management and credit card processing

·       Patient Education Integration

·       Digital X-ray and Imaging Integration

·       Automated Patient Recall Integration

·      E-forms Integration

Hitec-med dental ’s knowledgeable technical engineers create excellent alternatives for your practice’s needs. We work as a group with exercise control support for quick alternatives to immediate concerns.  We concentrate on your technology, so you can concentrate on your sufferers.
Here is a sample of software that we have deployed for our customers

·       Carestream  in city of  Los Angeles

·       Softdent in city of  Los Angeles

·       Dentrix – all versions in city of  Los Angeles

·       Eaglesoft in city of   Los Angeles

·       Easy Dental

·       eClinicalWorks

·       MediaDent

·       Medical Manager

·       Dental Eye

·       DESCO

·       Windent

·       Perio-Exec

·       Orthotrac in city of   Los Angeles

·       Orthoware

·       Kodak OPMS in city of Los Angeles

·       Kodak WinOMS in city of  Los Angeles

·       Kodak OMS Navigator in city of  Los Angeles

·       Kodak Dental Imaging

·       Dexis in city of   Los Angeles

·       Dentrix Imaging in city of   Los Angeles

·       Dimaxsis / Planmeca

·       Sidexis / Sirona

·       Gendex

·       Schick

·       ScanX /Vipersoft

·       Housecalls

·       Trojan

·      Caesy Education

Contact Hitec-med Dental Office Technology 

Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Mount & Server Racks

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Mount & Server Racks

Computer Mounting Solutions

Well located display increasing solutions improve watching, provide a better visual, and save counter and pc space. Comfortableness located devices reduce muscle stress and joint stress. Additionally, wall-mounted holder and desk installed PCs keep computers and their electrical circuitry out of the way of potential risks such as fixed power, cleaners, hoovers and surging.

Hitec-med dental has mounting solutions to meet every need.


·       Conference rooms

·       Waiting rooms

·       Clinic computer settings (for provider input and patient education)

·       Medical /Dental Imaging Stations

·       Hospital Computer Networks

·       Checkout and front desk counter and wall mounts

·       Hallways

·       Warehouses

·       Computer mounts for OSHA compliance

Choose from fixed LCD and CPU mounts or articulating LCD ceiling, pole, counter and wall mounts.

Computer Mount Installation Services

When you choose Hitec-med dental to assist in your increasing design and set up, you can rest confident the install position will be comfortableness appropriate and the segment securely properly secured in its location. Special attention is compensated to wire control, to make sure an attractive result.

Server Rackmount Solutions

Hosting server holder installs are an visual solution to the disturbance and mess generated by systems demanding several hosts, fire walls, changes, spot panels, as well as battery and data back-up devices.
A well manufactured server holder provides improved security, arranged wire management and improved air flow. Hitec-med dental  offers server holder solutions from the leader in the industry, APC Netshelter.

Rackmount Benefits

·       Space savings

·       Noise Reduction

·       Increased Security: front and rear locking doors

·       Customizable: doors, sides and shelves

·      Scalable: Full and Half size racks available

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