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Irvine Dental and Dentistry Business Phone Systems

posted Nov 19, 2013, 11:33 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 25, 2017, 10:19 AM by Blog Poster ]

We offer a wide range of telephone systems solutionsin city of Irvine ; from conventional analogue and electronic phone techniques to state-of-the-art VoIP techniques, Hitec-med dental has a remedy to satisfy your needs.

Voice over IP
VoIP allows speech marketing and sales communications to any IP system.  This allows you to use the same system facilities for your mobile phones, computer systems and security cameras-ultimately leading to benefits. VoIP opens a variety of options not available in traditional cellphone techniques.  Any pc can become a cellphone as long as it is linked with your pc system or the Internet-an remarkable solution for telecommuting and visiting workers or employees .

VoIP PBXs from Hitec-med dental open a new variety of opportunities in developing your telephone and pc techniques as well.  Now you can use data from your telephone system in real-time. Customer records can be drawn up instantly based on call ID.  Your workers or employees  have complete information quicker, so they can serve your customers better.
VoIP does not require that confident cellphone traffic be provided over the Online.  You can avoid problems with speech interaction on public techniques and still enjoy innovative features that VoIP has to offer.  With our solid VoIP promotions, any of these contacting methods are available to you: VoIP, analogue cellphone collections, T1/E1 cellphone collections, and relationship of several VoIP techniques. 

Our feature VoIP system for SMB is the Digium Switchvox IP PBX

VoIP systems are Easy to use, flexible and scalable and  offers a complete turn-key IP PBX solution. There are a variety of models from which to choose.


·       Auto Attendant

·       Voice over IP Ready

·       Irvine Voicemail

·       Irvine Voicemail via email

·       On-the-fly Call Monitoring

·       Real-time Switchboard

·       Call Recording - up to 20 concurrent recorded calls

·       Conference Calls - up to 30 simultaneous conference call users

·       Supports 1 to 400 Users

·       Music on Hold

·       Irvine  Call Logs

·      Call Reporting

Call Control

·       Hold

·       Blind Transfer

·       Call Parking

·       Do Not Disturb

·       Send Calls

·       1-way Paging

·      2-way Intercom


·       Optional cold spare failover

·       Hardware-based Echo Cancellation

·       Redundant power supply

·       RAID Controller in Mirrored Drives

·       Asterisk Business Edition telephony software

·      Digium Asterisk GUI


Traditional Phone Systems

Given the stability and functions of more recent VoIP phone techniques, Hitec-med dental generally suggests a VoIP program for most of its clients.  We realize that every business has exclusive needs, and our first concern is assisting you select the best remedy for your objectives and funds. Contact us now and we will help choose the program that is best for you.

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