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Irvine Dental and Dentistry Mount & Server Racks

posted Nov 19, 2013, 11:46 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 25, 2017, 10:19 AM by Blog Poster ]

Irvine Dental and Dentistry Mount & Server Racks

Computer Mounting Solutions

Well located display increasing solutions improve watching, provide a better visual, and save counter and pc space. Comfortableness located devices reduce muscle stress and joint stress. Additionally, wall-mounted holder and desk installed PCs keep computers and their electrical circuitry out of the way of potential risks such as fixed power, cleaners, hoovers and surging.

Hitec-med dental has mounting solutions to meet every need.


·       Conference rooms

·       Waiting rooms

·       Clinic computer settings (for provider input and patient education)

·       Medical /Dental Imaging Stations

·       Hospital Computer Networks

·       Checkout and front desk counter and wall mounts

·       Hallways

·       Warehouses

·       Computer mounts for OSHA compliance

Choose from fixed LCD and CPU mounts or articulating LCD ceiling, pole, counter and wall mounts.

Computer Mount Installation Services

When you choose Hitec-med dental to assist in your increasing design and set up, you can rest confident the install position will be comfortableness appropriate and the segment securely properly secured in its location. Special attention is compensated to wire control, to make sure an attractive result.

Server Rackmount Solutions

Hosting server holder installs are an visual solution to the disturbance and mess generated by systems demanding several hosts, fire walls, changes, spot panels, as well as battery and data back-up devices.
A well manufactured server holder provides improved security, arranged wire management and improved air flow. Hitec-med dental  offers server holder solutions from the leader in the industry, APC Netshelter.

Rackmount Benefits

·       Space savings

·       Noise Reduction

·       Increased Security: front and rear locking doors

·       Customizable: doors, sides and shelves

·      Scalable: Full and Half size racks available

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