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Irvine Dental and Dentistry Patient Education and Relaxation

posted Nov 19, 2013, 11:51 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 25, 2017, 12:21 PM by Blog Poster ]

Irvine Dental and Dentistry Patient Education and Relaxation 

Hitec-med dental , a department of Innova Global technology  plans and sets up media movie networks designed to improve individual education and leisure. Installed TVs showing television or movies improve individual leisure and provide a irritation. Additionally, individual screens that display intraoral camera pictures, digital x-ray pictures and cosmetic image resolution demonstrations allow the affected person to imagine in details their current health needs, the suggested course of treatment and the expected result. Our clients tell us a advanced and interesting individual encounter produces more individual recommendations.

Hitec-med dental has the expertise to realize your perspective for your total individual care encounter, from electrical circuitry and increasing alternatives to software and components installation and settings. Our technical engineers and contractors have over 15 years' encounter in developing and applying movie alternatives specific to the display area and the unique requirements of the individual provider.

One patient monitor-multiple functions:

·       Intradental Imaging – A well informed patient is motivated to follow his doctor’s advice, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Intradental camera and x-ray sensor images, displayed conveniently for the patient, have been shown to dramatically increase production.

·       Patient Entertainment – Eliminate white coat syndrome. Patients can relax while enjoying TV, music or movies while waiting for their provider or undergoing extensive procedures. Once you are ready to discuss treatment, use your remote to display intradental images and treatment demonstrations.

·       Patient Education Software Integration – Hitec-med dental has extensive experience integrating patient education software systems from product lines developed by Caesy, Orasphere and other practice management software providers.

·      Cosmetic Imaging Software Integration – Increase treatment acceptance by allowing your patients to visualize the transformation that is possible in their appearance. You can rely on Hitec-med dental engineers to fully integrate your imaging software with your practice management software and aesthetically mount USB hubs and camera docking stations in convenient locations.

Recommended Configuration-Advantages to the Dual Monitor Operatory:

While a single observe placed in a ideal location between the company and individual can achieve the affected person education and learning and leisure goals for your sufferers, the double observe settings (an added company observe in the 12:00 position) has significant benefits.

·       Privacy for provider records and notes

·       Improved HIPAA compliance

·       Improved patient comfort

·       Improved ergonomic display and input placement for providers

·      Improved productivity

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