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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry Practice Management Integration

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Los Angeles Dental and Dentistry  Practice Management Integration

Dental Practice Management Software Integration

When you work with Hitec-med dental  you are working with a team of experienced and sensitive professionals and technical engineers that care about your exercise.  We have over 15 years' experience developing exercise store, digital x-ray and image resolution techniques, as well as individual knowledge, leisure and remember techniques.

·       Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Dental Practice Management Software Integration (PM)

·       Practice Management e-claims configuration

·       HIPAA Compliance Standards for 2014

·       Practice Management and credit card processing

·       Patient Education Integration

·       Digital X-ray and Imaging Integration

·       Automated Patient Recall Integration

·      E-forms Integration

Hitec-med dental ’s knowledgeable technical engineers create excellent alternatives for your practice’s needs. We work as a group with exercise control support for quick alternatives to immediate concerns.  We concentrate on your technology, so you can concentrate on your sufferers.
Here is a sample of software that we have deployed for our customers

·       Carestream  in city of  Los Angeles

·       Softdent in city of  Los Angeles

·       Dentrix – all versions in city of  Los Angeles

·       Eaglesoft in city of   Los Angeles

·       Easy Dental

·       eClinicalWorks

·       MediaDent

·       Medical Manager

·       Dental Eye

·       DESCO

·       Windent

·       Perio-Exec

·       Orthotrac in city of   Los Angeles

·       Orthoware

·       Kodak OPMS in city of Los Angeles

·       Kodak WinOMS in city of  Los Angeles

·       Kodak OMS Navigator in city of  Los Angeles

·       Kodak Dental Imaging

·       Dexis in city of   Los Angeles

·       Dentrix Imaging in city of   Los Angeles

·       Dimaxsis / Planmeca

·       Sidexis / Sirona

·       Gendex

·       Schick

·       ScanX /Vipersoft

·       Housecalls

·       Trojan

·      Caesy Education

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