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Hitec-Med - Los Angeles, CA

Our strategy is to create, install, and support integrated technology solutions for dental offices servicing the greater Los Angeles area.

posted Feb 26, 2013, 8:47 AM by amanzo@seowebpower.com   [ updated May 6, 2013, 9:39 AM ]

Your office environment runs like clockwork, or at least it should. Right? 
But when your technology systems are out of alignment, your whole practice may experience some down time.    

    Hitec-Med is committed to providing a complete turnkey solution to technology in dental offices. Our goal is to consult with you about your needs and implement them in a cost-effective, user-friendly manner.

    Hitec-Med is here to help keep your office environment ticking. We have the experience, the certification and the ethics to make sure that you have precisely what you need to keep your office open, your production rising, and your patients smiling! Regardless of whether you're an established practitioner or establishing your practice from the ground up, we stop at nothing to HELP YOU run YOUR practice with ease. Making it simple for you and your office right from the start.

    Present day dentistry requires that you simply remain on the cutting-edge of the latest techniques and new technology. That's why the professionals at Hitec-Med work tremendously hard everyday, keeping our clients online, on schedule and on top of things. With "up to date" computer's, server's , phone systems, digital dentistry, paperless system, intraoral and extraoral camera's you will be chief in command with your practice.  

    Right after your fresh installation, we continue to remain right beside you (support), helping you integrate your brand-new systems and making sure you have the training and ongoing support you need to keep your systems running with ease. And we work closely with your staff, making the transition to the new technology smooth, all the while keeping your practice as stress free as possible.

    From planning together with installation to implementation along with integration, our experts have invested thousands of hours in ongoing training and certification with dental technology vendors, developing the skills and knowledge necessary to bring you up-to-date and propel your practice ahead of the curve. The Hitec-Med team of professionals symbolize decades of combined experience, mastering the art and science of dental systems and integration. Working with thousands of dental clients in multiple states, we continue to add to our experience every single day, improving efficiency while our clients improve their technology.

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