Message on Hold (MOH)  

On-hold messaging reassures your clients and patients they’re important to you, When your patient is placed on hold, you now have a captive audience and a unique marketing and sales opportunity to promote your practice, procedures and products, some of which your patients may not know about ,and perhaps most importantly….keeps callers from hearing competitors’ commercials on the radio while they’re waiting!

  • Increase awareness of your services.
  • Minimize the negative feeling of wait time.
  • Enhance your image.
  • Show your patients you care about them.
  • Impress your patients with this high quality production.
  • Marketing and advertising at fraction of the cost.

Your message on hold can assist your patients with:
  • F.A.Q.'s: What type of information do your callers usually need? I.e hours or locations.
  • Alternative Contact Methods: Phone number, address, Website Address, Fax number and whether they can place orders, set up appointments, or request information through those mediums.
  • Special Offers: Mention special offers, new procedures and remind callers to ask for more details once a representative is on the line.
  • Holiday Messages: Alert your callers of any special events or holiday hours or closed days, while greeting them a happy holiday.
  • Entertainment: People tend to remember comedy. If you can make a caller laugh, chances are they will pass along the message along with your business name.