What is Managed Services and savings you can bring in to your practice?

With Managed Services, the service we provide is to manage your network, server , PCs and backups for you. You choose the level of service that satisfies your IT requirements and fits your budget. This method of service eliminates intermittent IT problems and the “nickel and diming” that aggravates you. We believe prevention is better and less costly than the cure. You want a network and IT installation that is operating efficiently 24/7 without variable cost and in Managed Services model, it is in our best interest to ensure that happens.

Are Managed Services right for you?

If you’re spending too much time and money on your network, server and PCs instead of your practice or your IT spending is above $200.00 a month , you should consider a Managed Services solution. Whether you want us to Watch IT, Maintain IT, or Manage IT, there is a solution that is right for you!

The Old Way

Paying Time and Materials (T&M) for “Break and Fix” support is a losing proposition for everyone involved.

The following is an example of a typical scenario for the T&M model. Your dental office has a problem on their network, PC, server or backups that they must draw to the attention of your IT Provider and request correction. The office manager or the doctor then wants the IT Provider’s Engineer in and out as quickly as possible in order to keep costs down and minimize operation down time . As a result, the IT provider focuses on fixing the symptom rather than looking for source or any other potential trouble spots and warning signs on the network. This is like using Orajel rather than identifying and fixing the dental caries. Inevitably something else will break and naturally you will be upset and your operation will be impacted . You may even think that the IT Provider should have identified this new problem - or in extreme cases may have actually caused the problem - the last time they were in ( Break and never completely fix issue). This is where the pattern repeats itself again. You lose because you never get the service you deserve, and your network is never operates as efficiently as it should. The IT provider loses because it gets blamed for problems they were never allowed to diagnose in the first place and often you receive excessive variable charges.

HITEC-MED Way. “All-You-Can-Eat” Managed services

We offer “ pain less IT support and services” which is far more effective way to support your network, server, PC and backup infrastructure through our Managed Services program. With Managed Services, you pay one low, fixed flat fee by choosing the program that best fits your needs and your budget. Services range from 24/7 Monitoring of your network to all-inclusive coverage where we become your IT department and you never worry about your network again. Dentistry is your expertise, Technology is ours !

HITEC-MED offers a month to month “ALL- You-Can-Eat “ managed service agreement and commit to all your IT needs. HITEC-MED is not a reactive …. but a proactive IT managed service provider .