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    Getting the technology right the first time, not only allows your practice to run efficiently, but also helps avoid expensive technical support and disastrous downtime. Choosing a company that is specialized in dental can make the difference between success and failure. 
Whether you are starting a new office or upgrading an existing office, the technology infrastructure is the backbone that ensures smooth day to day operations.

Your Dental IT Solution!

    In most cases, we will visit the office where a comprehensive evaluation of the existing system will be completed, followed by discussion with the doctor and staff to determine the future goals for the office. For new offices, we will work closely with the designer, contractors, and builders to ensure that all technology systems can be easily added to the office at the appropriate time.

    While dental office technology may seem simple at first glance, it is usually a complex mix of software, hardware, bridges, databases, integration's,  3rd-party programs, and media. It is crucial that all subsystems within work well so you can present a smooth office workflow to your patients.
Because your computer systems are so critical to your workflow, your network and procedures must be designed and deployed with simplicity and reliability in mind. Your computer network must be designed to handle not only the recommended specifications for each program you use, but also the combined specifications needed for all your programs.

    Taking advice solely from the software or dental supply company who provides your primary software systems can be risky. Why? Because their advice is sometimes tilted to make their programs work. However, you need more than need all your programs to work well together.
That is the advantage of working with an independent I.T. services provider like Hitec-Med. There are many companies who contribute technology to your dental office. As your independent technology advocate, we are the one party who works with all of these companies on your behalf to ensure you have the best chance for success.

We work with all of the major dental suppliers and can integrate the major components of your dental practice into a single, cohesive IT system.

Would you benefit from an experienced project manager and the right staff?

    Whether you need to install, upgrade, manage, relocate, monitor or maintain critical infrastructure resources our experts will assist you in selecting the services you need to achieve your goal. We can deploy our services as single or multiple events, managed projects or as staff augmentation. We provide services directly to IT organizations or through partners under their private label. We can deliver services to multiple-sites in multiple-nations. You can rely on our experienced professionals.

Hitec-Med is the Enterprise IT infrastructure solution of services including:

  • Logistical Services
  • Data Center Relocation
  • Wireless Networking
  • Structured Cabling
  • Premise Security, and IT Services

With a deep understanding of legacy systems as well as the latest technologies, we can help you upgrade and optimize your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Structured Cabling Services, Your Cabling System Needs to Support Current and Future Infrastructure

    Your structured cabling system, the mostly hidden infrastructure of wires and jacks and patch panels, forms the critical foundation on which all information systems are built. Hitec-Med knows that designing and building an IT infrastructure ready for the future success of your company is critically important.

    In today’s competitive economy, companies must be able to respond fast to changing business requirements, new and evolving technologies and changes in laws and mandates. For some, this means updating or consolidating their data center to meet strict new regulatory requirements while for others, being future-ready is about developing and deploying new services. Today, more than ever, the quality and performance of your cabling system plays a direct and measurable role on the reliability of your LANs and, ultimately, your corporate IT strategies.

Hitec-Med Provides a Complete One-stop-shop for Structured Cabling Systems

    In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered. Hitec-Med  Specializes in the design and installation of structured cabling systems. Our Building Industry Consultant Service International (BICSI) certified project managers assign the highest quality field service technicians available to ensure that multi-site and multi-national customers receive consistent quality and the best performance standards anywhere in the world. 

We support fiber optic, outdoor, above and underground cabling solutions for:

  • Voice and Data
  • Data Centers
  • Video
  • CATV & CCTV Systems
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless
    Performance demands on cabling infrastructures are sure to increase over the next few years. Cabling usually represents 5-7% of an overall network budget. Cabling systems, both copper and fiber, are designed to perform for 10 years, supporting 2-3 generations of active electronics. Therefore not getting it right could have a long term impact and be very costly.

    Structured cabling standards specify generic installation and design topological that are characterized by a “category” or “class” of transmission performance. These cabling standards are subsequently referenced in applications standards, developed by committees such as IEEE and ATM, as a minimum level of performance necessary to ensure application operation.

    There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when determining the category or class of cabling that will be used in a network infrastructure. This is true for both copper and fiber.
  • Factors that must be taken into consideration are:
  • Expected installed lifetime of the cabling plant
  • Applications that will run on the cabling plant over its useful life
  • Timeframe during which standards, applications and electronics manufacturers will support the cabling plant
  • Cost of active electronics
  • Warranty length and covered components
  • Price as it relates to performance
  • Time the end-user will occupy a facility

Hitec-Med is a Trusted Source for Structured Cabling.

    We deliver fast, dependable 24/7 project management and experience service technicians for a single dispatch or long-term project. Our certified project managers, proven methodologies and rigorous pre-qualifying process creates a one-stop-shop for structured cabling in Torrance California. With more than 20 combined years of experience and expertise, we guarantee that the work delivered by our service technicians will exceed your expectations.

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