Dental Operatory, Monitors, TV and PC's Ergonomics considerations.

Dental operatory technology ergonomics considerations:
(Positions & Placement of)

  • 12 O’Clock Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.
  • 6 O’Clock Monitor or monitor +TV
  • Head Phone's & PA Speakers
  • USB cable for Intraoral camera connection
  • Automated remote control drapes
  • Placement of operatory PC and Wiring

Dental operatory general ergonomics considerations:

  • Self-derivation of a natural and comfortable posture for best patient care.
  • The positioning of patients to maintain posture and optimize physical and visual control of intra-oral and inter-oral procedures.
  • Operatory light, computer and chair positioning to provide adequate illumination and access from one location with minimal adjustment.
  • Correctly positioning the dental assistant for efficiency and effectiveness in support of patient care and data entry.
  • Positioning all equipment and instrument items in the operatory proximal to the practitioner and the assistant to reduce unnecessary exertion, body, neck and back fatigue.
  • Maximizing usage of the mirror when direct vision compromises posture.
  • Using instrument grips that ensure and improves stabilization and control of performance.
  • Selection of equipment designed to optimize a comfortable working environment.
  • Careful selection of magnifying lopes that do not induce musculature pain.