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Side Delivery

  • Smaller operatory size 
  • Patients less threatened by hand-pieces in their visual/personal space than with over the patient delivery method 
  • Cost effective to equip 
  • Space available for audio Visual and digital dentistry equipment 
  • 12 and 6 O’clock Monitors 
  • Wire, wireless mouse and patient head phones 

  • Disinfection of treatment space is labor intensive 
  • Dentist and assistant must work with > 180 degree range of motion 
  • Assistant trapped in room during procedure 
  • Right / Left convertibility poor 
  • Dentist and assistant cannot reach all supplies 
  • Audio, Visual and Digital dentistry equipment cannot be easily deployed 
  • Room must be heavily stocked for efficiency 

    The dentist retrieves the hand-pieces and the assistants cannot reach them, productivity is often compromised. There is an emerging concern with side delivery.

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