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Experienced dentist and office manager know communication is the heart of dental office business. The first impression should be the best impression and usually, patient first contact and impression with dental practice are through his or her phone call.

That’s why HITEC-MED created a state of art professional phone system just for dental offices which is highly reliable and is a solid replacement for phone services from the phone company and or expensive business phone. HITEC-MED's system also reduces the number of circuits usually used in the office. This reduces the cost of ownership and also on going monthly circuit cost.

To do so, HITEC-MED conducted a 3-year research by asking dentists and office managers regarding their phone requirement and wishes. The following is what we identify as top 15 items which they want from their phone system:
  1. State of art phone system a combination both standard PBX and new IP phone capabilities, low cost and easy to use.
  2. Accept both standard low-cost analogy lines and take advantage of office LAN and Internet CKT at the same time ( I.e DSL line )
  3. Handle all office calls for dental office call traffic.
  4. Cover for office at times when they are away from the phone
  5. Fully access able from the home office or any location that they might be (I.e conferences)
  6. Do not want constantly have to rerecords messages.
  7. A system that would allow them to have prerecorded messages which could be easily access
  8. Systems which could have least 3 to 14 separate lines, call waiting and caller I.D,
  9. A system with automated answering and call routing with music and advertising while on hold.
  10. Phone handsets with cords and optional cordless for the Hygienist and Dentist chair.
  11. Voicemail and expandable
  12. Access through mobile cell phone
  13. Voicemail accessible through any email
  14. If possible, no BPX and expensive customization and programming 
  15. Paging, Auto attendant, 3-way conference calling and up to 14 concurrent calls

We are so confident that we guarantee our system to reduce your phone system and monthly CKT cost at least by 50% and more. 
HITEC-MED offers a wide variety of telephony solutions; from traditional analog and digital phone systems to state of the art VoIP systems. 

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