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Over the Patient Delivery

  • Hand-pieces at fingertips from 12 o'clock position 
  • Smaller operatory size
  • Cost effective to equip
  • Space available for audio Visual and digital dentistry equipment
  • 12 and 6 O’clock Monitors
  • Wire, wireless mouse and patient head phones
  • Dentist and assistant cannot individually reach all supplies
  • Disinfection of treatment space is very labor intensive
  • Dentist and assistant must work with > 180 degree range of motion
  • Room must be heavily stocked for efficiency

    These systems can be designed to convert flexibly with right- and left-handed adaptability which not only impacts ergonomics, but helps in the resale of your practice, specifically for left-handed dentists who most likely will find a right-handed buyer. Should right-left convertibility be a significant objective, make sure that the rest of the operatory is designed to support this goal.

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