Cost Reduction

Use your business sense and find out how much you can save and reduce your current cost (Space, time, resources & real cost) by:

HITEC-MED's computer and phone system integrated and design which allows dental office to be fully functional and fully accessible from any remote location. (Voice, data, Video and access control system)

Remote office access can also save operational cost and offer freedom and flexibility offered with new Information technology, such as:
  • An office utilizes its practice management system that is accessible with the proper security clearance to an employee or doctor’s at home.
  • All calls to the office are routed to the home office of the doctor’s employee. This could be marketing, answering account questions or appointment setting
  • Have identical handset and functionality as your office in your remote location , make extension call to your office free of charges and all your business call from remote location will placed from your office automatically not from your office ( I.e. home )
  • The off site employee can do all billing, collection, and insurance management from home.
  • The off site employee can manage most vendor (e.g. supplier) relationships.
  • The offsite employee can manage all new patient registration issues.
  • The offi site employee can mange all your out bound marketing calls
  • The off site employee & doctor accessing dental education & training
  • Office site video and phone conferencing
  • Stop going to the office to open up the door for security ,utility and cleaning staff after hours , during weekend and holiday .