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Large Office Phone System Solution

    Telephone systems are one of the most critical components in a large dental office. HITEC-MED considers the PBX as the heart of the dental business. HITEC-MED has researched, developed and customized a reliable and cost efficient digital hybrid PBX with voice mail which addresses all dental office’s operations and needs. 

    If the practice pays a hefty monthly bill, has multiple locations, has a marketing staff working off-site routinely, or uses e-mail & voice-mail extensively, then HITEC-MED can easily add VoIP system to the this system, cost efficiently and effortlessly. 

Digital Hybrid IP-PBX and voice systems have been built upon years of manufacturing top quality business and consumer products.

Following is list of options and features: 
      • Auto Configuration
      • Caller ID routing
      • Caller ID screening
      • Caller ID announcement
      • Intercom paging
      • Automatic login
      • Live Call Screening
      • Two way record
      • Two-way transfer
      • Remote call forwarding set
      • Timed Reminder setting
      • Secure Digital (SD) card
      • Telephone application Prog.
      • System speed Dialing
      • Conferencing
      • Account code
      • Incoming call distribution
      • Direct Inward System Access
      • Call forwarding
      • Universal Call Distribution
      • VoIP
      • Wireless phone
      • Delayed ringing
      • Do not disturb
      • Door intercom / Opener
      • DSS/BLF Consoles
      • Electronic station lock
      • Emergency call number prog.
      • Flexible night service / prog.
      • Hands free Answer back intercom
      • Handset/headset –display phones
      • Memory back up
      • Industry standard phone cap.
      • Last number redial
      • Limited call distribution
      • Live call Screening
      • Message waiting
      • Music on hold
      • Multi cell wireless
      • Off hook monitoring
      • Power failure transfer
      • Station name display
      • Station to Station Messg.
      • Station speed dialing
      • System speed dialing
      • Timed reminder –Remote
      • Toll restriction over ride
      • Two way recording
      • VOIP
      • Whisper OHCA
      • Call recording
      • Wire and wireless handsets