Data Security & Back-up Program 

HITEC-MED’s online backup system and program is the best in the industry and also is on the cutting edge of today's technology. Ask about our trial program and enjoy peace of mind FREE for 30 days, because we want you to feel as confident about your data and your assets.

We offer the following free on site consultation:

Step #1- 
HITEC-MED’s consultant will make sure that you and your staff are using an appropriate and secure on-site backup system. We provide you with strong back up system recommendation based on the size of your data files, firewall and pass code protection system you may have now. We also check for physical locks and security .

Step #2- 
HITEC-MED will install a secondary redundant disk storage and mirroring system. With this system you would be safe if your primary disk storage stops working but your business would not.

Step #3- 
We work closely with you and your staff to design a back up system, which sends your data to another in-house data storage . This offers you the convenience of a mid-day or secondary monthly backup, and ensures a faster return to "business as usual" in the event of an unexpected system error.

Step #4- 
HITEC-MED's remote back-up service sends your encrypted data to a secure location. This is a secure, automatic process that protects you against accidental loss and corruption of data. HITEC-MED's remote back up offers you HIPAA compliant disaster recovery and protects you from a devastating accidental loss of data.

Step #5- 
HITEC-MED offers state of art virtual server technology. This system will minimize the down time in case of major server or hard disk failure.
HITEC-MED's 9-layers of security program leaves nothing to chance.

 Data Security & Back-up Program Silver Gold Platinum
#1- Remote Data back-up Helpdesk
#2- Hub room access control   Manual   Electronics  Electronics with Remote access control
#3- Router Security
#4- Firewall Installation & Password Protection & Managed Service
#5- Dental Office Grade Server Hardware & Hard Disk's (n)
#6- On-Site nightly Data Back-up & Email Message Status Reporting ( N+1)
#7- Server Disk Mirroring (n+2)
#8- Virtual Server Implementation and USB drive ( n+3 ) X
#9- Data Disaster Recovery Services & Restoration

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