Digital Video Monitoring, Recording & Access Control 

The video cameras, monitoring and recording is fast becoming part of dental office operations. Dental practices take advantage of this technology and its monitoring and recording capability in many areas, Such as:
  1. Protecting the front desk specially for dental office which accept cash and / or is located in shopping centers or remote areas. Monitoring inside & outside parameters.
  2. Office's faced with shrinkage problem related to lab materials equipment , tools and documentation. Multi entrances and exits for visitors and employees
  3. Dentists and office managers managing multiple offices and need access to monitor site during, after and weekend hours through Internet from any locations live.
  4. Digital video recording during sedation dentistry provides enhanced security for dentist and peace of mind for the patients.

Watch what it goes in & out of business including profit 

    Why take risks? You can't always be at your office to protect your employee's, patient's & your business assets. All hospitals and commercial stores have Monitoring Systems for many good reasons including improving customer service. Record & monitor your office environment live (more than a month) via your office, home PC & or a lap top anywhere 24x7x365. Camera system broadcasts live COLOR video to any TV, VCR, or PC. Camera system's includes FREE Motion-activated DVR ( digital Video Recording ) recording only the action so you and your office can have peace of mind.