HITEC-MED's 8 step Design & Implementation process:
Keep it Simple:

    HITEC-MED understands that technology solutions are only tools to run your dental practice. Technology should improve your business, reduce cost and increase efficiency and not overwhelm it.

    HITEC-MED will assist you to deploy appropriate, tested and supportable solutions in a cost-effective manner. We are extremely familiar with our dental office technology budget's.

Make it Flexible & Scalable:

    HITEC-MED knows scalability is more than being able to "add operatories and offices later".

    HITEC-MED works with you and your office administrator to determine how your practice processes are now and will be in the future . We design and impalement your office technology and its path with the best scaleable solution to ensure both cost effective and efficient.HITEC-MED provides.

We Help you make the best decision:

    HITEC-MED is a trusted technology adviser, bringing you the skills and tools of a fortune 500 IT department to your dental care practice.

    HTEC-MED brings you the knowledge of next generation technologies and can help you determine if and how they fit into your existing infrastructure.
>HITEC-MED levels the playing field<

Computer Maintenance & Repair :

    HITEC-MED has partnered with some of the best names in the computer industry to bring you unparalleled expertise and service before, during and after your installation or upgrade.

    When you purchase your computer through HITEC-MED, we will have your computers serviced ,updated & returned to you with your practice management ,business programs & back up files loaded & ready to use..

HITEC-MED supports you.

Build it correctly.... THE FIRST TIME: 

    HITEC-MED designs specific systems encompassing both your short term needs and long term goals. We provide you with a system that works above your expectation now as well as in the future.

    HITEC-MED uses only standardized and tested solutions with a minimum of 3 a year warranty.
>Hitec-Med Understands<

Make it Manageable & Reduce Cost:

    HITEC-MED believes a manageable system is one that minimizes downtime and costs. We ensure that troubleshooting procedures and documentation are available and easy to use.

HITEC-MED works hard to take you to the new heights.

Computer & Internet integration:

    HITEC-MED’s knowledge and strategic technology deployment will keep you a head of the curb. 
We constantly review & monitor: 
  • Internet service connectivity
  • Email integration & customizations
  • Virtual Private Networking solutions
  • Router installation and configuration
  • Computer Network Integration
  • HIPPA Compliance
  • Security

All-You-Can-Eat “Managed Services”:

    HITEC-MED offers the best technology maintenance support and services in dental heath care industry. We support your overall office technology under its managed service .

All -You-Can-Eat service and support allows you to go back to your business and practice rather than spend time and resources to maintain and fix technology issue. The ball is in our corner not yours.

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