Computer Repair and Upgrades 

    HITEC-MED has partnered with some of the best names in the computer industry to bring you unparalleled expertise and service before, during and after your installation or upgrade.

    When you purchase your computer through HITEC-MED, we will have your computer serviced ,updated and returned to you with your practice management and business programs and back up files already loaded.

    HITEC-MED certified technicians are trained to detect and repair computer and network problems. In an effort to add convenience for our clients, our in-house facilities enable HITEC-MED to pick-up, repair, and re-deliver your hardware. In most cases, the research and repairs can be addressed in your office with minimal inconvenience.

    With most computers being connected to the Internet these days, many of their problems are related to virus and spyware/ad-ware infestations. Malicious software can not only effect a computer's performance and speed, but may also cause a loss of data or render your system useless. Or extremely slow

HITEC-MED has a six point systems check in place that further ensures the stability and longevity of your computers. 
  1. Site survey and Hardware diagnostic 
  2. Dust removal 
  3. Check for unusual noise or heat build-up 
  4. Check cables and air flow for damage and obstruction 
  5. Install available window updates 
  6. Remove spyware/ad-ware infestations.