HITEC-MED strategically positions a 12 o’clock doctor and assistant accessible workstation and monitor. The 12 o’clock PC is a small form factor PC and the monitor is a high resolution’s monitor placed on a cabinetry shelf at the same height as the doctor’s and assistant’s eye-line ( approximately 2 feet , 6 inches ). A full function small wire or wireless pull-out waterproof keyboard is positioned next to the 12 o’clock monitor and can be extended and accessed for data entry by either doctor or assistant.

    A wire or wireless waterproof mouse provides the ultimate in positioning flexibility at the 12 o’clock position. A wireless optical mouse is easily managed for infection control purposes and can be placed inside a plastic barrier without disruption to performance.

    HITEC-MED takes full advantage of their technology applications through an operatory design that facilitates network access during all phases of clinical treatment. In addition, we consider left and right handed doctors in all operatory equipment/technology configurations.

    HITEC-MED operatories also include a patient viewing flat panel monitor or Monitor + TV attached to the dental patient chair on a post in the 3 or 6 o’clock position. HITEC-MED’s 3 or 6 o’clock monitors are specifically designed for a dental operatory environment and are high resolution, 170 degree angle of view front washable, 12 volt monitor ( view X-ray and dental chart ) with full function TV ( patient education and entertainment ) with remote

    HITEC-MED consult dentist with best practices regarding dental operatory, monitors, TV and PCs ergonomics.
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 Monitor displays & Computer positioning are the most important part of technology installation in the Dental Operatory.


  • Dental grade TV+Monitor with remote control , DVI support, Sharper images with higher brightness,Water-sealed anti-glare glass front, 12-volt low-voltage power supply, Wide viewing angle, all with a Stylishly designed.

  • Dental grade keyboard's & mouse compatible with hospital-grade cleaning solutions to comply with hygienic protocols.