All you can eat support and managed service program

    HITEC-MED consulted with over 100 dentists and office managers, and they told us what they require from their IT and technology support service provider. Following is top fifteen comments:
  1. Reliability & availability.
  2. Expert knowledge of IT and digital dentistry implementation and integration. We are not a mortgage company.
  3. Know what you are doing and reduce the cost of dental office operations through technology implementation and not add to it.
  4. Be Aware of cost, reduce the cost and provide us with best technology today with lowest price which has the flexibility for future digital dentistry implementation.
  5. Single point of contact.
  6. Be on site on time and on schedule. Have a preventative maintenance program.
  7. Do not wait for breaks to happen. (Similar to preventive dentistry for children)
  8. No expensive Break and Fix, hourly or bulk rate contract. Have a simple and easy to read managed service agreement with no long term commitment.
  9. Do not experience with office technology. Keep it simple.
  10. High quality service with the understanding of dental office technology budget , Low cost.
  11. Coverage from A to Z of office technology, mange issues with phone systems and Internet CKT and Practice management software vendors. No finger pointing.
  12. Manage and maintain technology up time with minimum or no impact on office 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM operations.
  13. Have full understanding of HIPPA, office data security.
  14. Low fixed monthly cost, which allows you, to have a yearly fixed budget and not an uncontrollable hourly rate.
  15. Do it once, do it right do not waste office time, respond to our request in a short period of time.

    HITEC-MED created a tailor made program in response to the above requests. Simply put, HITEC-MED tailors a Service Level Agreement that manages every part of the dental office network infrastructure, from the soup to the nuts. All servers, routers, switches, operatory, doctor, office manager PC, printers, website, email, phone system, video and audio system… everything, is fully managed and maintained by us. We also provide Help Desk services so your staff has a direct line to assistance when they need it. We monitor every inch of your network, produce health reports and perform preventative maintenance throughout each month.

    HITEC-MED earns your business when you win. HITEC-MED offers a bundle of added value product and services without any cost during the time you take advantage of HITEC-MED All you can eat managed service program.