About Us

About Hitec-Med

HITEC-MED is the dental technology division of INNOVA Global Technology. InnovaGlobal is a twenty-year-old national technology deployment company that is privately held and headquartered in Irvine, California.

HITEC-MED senior management consists of a team of dentists, information technologies, electrical and computer engineers with extensive knowledge of dental practice, digital dentistry, technology, business, and management services.

Our clients commonly refer to us as a member of their staff and as a complete one-stop solutions provider. We have provided dental office technology systems, integration services, and installation to some of the most technologically advanced dental facilities in the United States. A revolutionary new approach to the integration of high-tech equipment in the dental facility has evolved and is available as part of our service.

HITEC-MED’s main goal is to do all that it takes to make sure our clients grow and prosper.