Construction Detail

It is faster, more cost-effective, and less adversarial because the contractor and the owner have worked together from concept to completion, as a team to bring the project in on budget and on time. Without any finger-pointing, The cost is known early stages of the design process. The cost variables become simple to address and are usually related to choices regarding cabinets, finishes i.e. granite, and decorative walls. It is also faster and more cost-effective since the design/estimating and construction phases can be done simultaneously. This process allows the dentist to custom tailor the project and space with their desires and budget practically eliminating change to the scope of work.

The team approach allows input with cost impact during the design process versus waiting for the bids to be opened. More often saving wasted effort time and money on plans that are not in the customer’s budget.

Our plans consist of the following to construct the complete office:

  • General Layout plan with room dimensions.

  • HVAC (Air-Conditioning & Heating plan and all duct-work)

  • Plumbing plans for sinks, bathrooms, dental equipment, and all fixtures.

  • Electrical plans for switches, lighting, outlets, and office equipment.

  • Fire Alarm System plan if required.

  • Fire Sprinkler plan if required.

  • Reflected ceiling plan showing complete ceiling layout and grid system.

  • Cabinetry detail plan showing layout and elevations of all cabinets.

Estimating & Proposal's

Our team will carefully assess your space before construction, allowing us to become a "team player" early in the process of project development. Through years of experience, we can prepare preliminary budgets so informed decisions can be made in your design and budget planning.

Architectural Design or Interior Decorator Services

Our Team work's with several talented design teams each with his/her own style. This gives you a wide range of design choices.


Once all finish selections are finalized Our team provides you with a detailed cost breakdown based on a budget that fits the needs of your new Dental office.


Whether your request is a minor office face-lift or a full-scale remodel, HITEC-MED associates and partners can provide complete, professional construction services