Remote Access to all your Dental Office Technology

HITEC-MED has designed all its dental office solution's with remote access in mind. Why?

As part of our design team, we have dental practitioners that work from home and take trips for educational and training purposes out of state. We also have many doctors and office administers managing two offices during the week; Thus accessing and controlling all or some of the following is built in through our design and implementation:

  • Phone system and all extension

  • Main Server and fax server

  • Individual desktop PC's including operator PC's

  • Local office and remote Backup system

  • Office video monitoring and recording

  • Office access control (I.e. front door access and lab access)

  • Mobile phone access to many of the above systems

Remote office access can also save operational costs and offer freedom and flexibility with new Information technology, such as:

  • An office utilizes its practice management system that is accessible with the proper security clearance to an employee or doctors at home.

  • All calls to the office are routed to the home office of the doctor’s employee. This could be marketing, answering account questions or appointment setting

  • The off-site employee can do all billing, collection, and insurance management from home.

  • The off-site employee can manage all vendor and supplier relationships.

  • The offsite employee can manage all new patient registration issues.

  • The off-site employee and doctor accessing dental education and training

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