Security and Backup

Dentists have many assets which need to be protected among the top 10 dentists assets are:

  1. Heath and Family

  2. knowledge of practice and experience

  3. Their hands

  4. Office administrator and staff

  5. Practice database and customer list

  6. Practice active patients

  7. Practice Digital dentistry and automation

  8. Practice tangible assets (Dental chairs, tools, dentistry equipment & computers

  9. Signed lease of dental practice. A Large component of the value of the dental practice is tied to the location and lease duration and parameters.

  10. Accurate reports such as production/collection, associate agreements, employee list with salaries and benefits, Financing ability

The question is how have you protected the above asset? HITEC-MED believes in the preventive approach as the best method for any loss or liability. HITEC-MED’s forte and focus to secure dental office technology assets is based on support and securing the following systems:

  1. Information technology (computers, servers & phone systems)

  2. Office technology (audio & video, monitoring & recording, access control)

  3. Digital Dentistry (pan, sep, intra/oral camera )

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