Whether you want to network your computer system within one building, across town, or access it locally or internationally, we can design a system that will be fast, secure, and effective.

HITEC-MED offers to consult to help you determine which type of networking best suits your practice and your budget. Let us develop a reliable system for your business that will reduce cost, increase efficiency, reduce downtime and keep your projects going without interruption.

  1. Network Security

  2. Firewalls

  3. Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  4. Remote Administration

  5. Wireless Networking

  6. Virus and Spyware Prevention

  7. Voice Over IP

  8. Disaster Recovery

  9. Local and remote backup systems

  10. Web filters

  11. Linux and Windows

  12. Full office remote access Voice, Data, and Video

  13. Networkable digital video recorder

System Integration