Video & Audio Technology, fueling Dental Office Practice and Business

Video Application & Implementation:

  • DVR and camera installation improving customer service and office security

  • Office monitoring and Recording - Locally

  • Office monitoring - remotely

  • Digital video recording during sedation dentistry

Monitoring and Recording

  • Patient Education & Entertainment

  • Operatory chair-side video, Audio entertainment & practice marketing

  • Operatory chair side Patient education

  • Lobby and waiting room video, Audio entertainment & practice marketing

  • Consultation room - practice marketing

  • Dedicated video and audio channels for marketing information- kids’ anxious patients or just entertainment

  • Multizone Audio and Video Options -commercial-grade, custom-tailored solutions

  • Digital cable TV w/DVD integration

  • Lobby, office and operatory TV, HDTV, and or high-def. LCD

  • Children dental video and entertainment

Education and Entertainment

  • PA system

  • Multisource / multizone systems

  • Digital FM/satellite radio

PA (Public Address) and Music System

  • Meetings / training / continuing education

  • Overhead HD projector and video audio switch AMPs and speakers

  • Large screen HDTV and or high-def. LCD

  • Automated projector screen and automated window screen

  • Wireless microphone and speakers

  • Magnified Video Dentistry - Oratory and education application

Meetings, Training, Continuing Education