Why Go Digital

The Kodak dental digital radiography system enables dentists to make even the most complex diagnoses quickly and accurately. The system acquires and displays images on a computer screen in seconds, minimizing the time dentists and patients must wait for results while exposing patients to less radiation.

Multiple Benefits for Patients and Dentists

1. Enhances diagnosis. The full resolution images can be enlarged and manipulated on the screen to highlight teeth, soft tissue, bone, and enamel, helping dentists to see abnormalities more clearly than traditional film.

The Kodak system offers a number of benefits to patients and dentists:

2. Images are available instantly, eliminating film development and saving them time and costs associated with developing and storing film.

3. Enhances patient understanding of problems and treatments. The patient is able to better visualize the problem and understand more easily the proposed treatment goals.

4. X-ray exposure is diminished. With the digital imaging system, patients are exposed to 40-60 percent less radiation when compared with traditional x-rays using Ektaspeed film.

5. Enables patients to visualize the end results of cosmetic procedures before making a commitment to invest.

6. Eliminates bio-hazardous chemicals. Darkroom and developing chemicals are no longer needed, helping create a safer treatment environment for patients and dentists.

HITEC-MED is a certified Kodak / PracticeWorks National Service Provider (NSP)