Free Services

Free Services

HITEC-MED philosophy is “Our client success is directly linked to your success”, it is clear to us when we focus and deliver your business success, then we earn your respect. HITEC-MED constantly research and develop technologies to reduce dental office operating cost and at the same time increase efficiency. This is a win, win strategy which we strive for. When you win, we win.

HITEC-MED offers the following services and products at no cost ( ) as part of HITEC-MED service delivery, implementation, and managed services :

  • Comprehensive practice management software - Limited time offer - Choice of Practice works or Softdent software 10 user Lic. & and Interactive WEB based training

  • Technology site survey, evaluation, and reporting - detailed profile of your installed software and hardware missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS benchmarks

  • Phone portal - Voice mail, One number for all your calls, Voicemail as easy as email, with transcripts, Conference calling, Call record, Listen to voicemail live & more

  • Phone portal number - Call screening, Listen before taking a call, Block calls, Call free within US & Canada, Answer any of your phones, Read what your voicemail says & more

  • Remote backup -the online backup system is on the cutting edge of today's technology. enjoy peace of mind FREE for 30 days

  • 3D dental office space design - based on your architectural layout. Walk inside your office before you build it. WYSIWYG

  • Fax server paperless solution - Paper and ink cost reduction, Users can send and receive faxes without leaving their desks, Eliminate junk faxes and save files

  • Dental office marketing WEB site - Ten page web site with flash technology and strong SEO built in it to promote your office

  • Help-desk software agent - Inventory, Monitor & Manage your Network & PCs, Manage Your IT Assets, Manage Changes & Configurations, Audit Your Software

  • Web filter - Protect the network from malware on the web, Block time-wasting sites like MySpace, Conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video downloads

  • Quick Access portal - Remote access to PCs and servers via Internet, instantly take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet, even through firewalls.